The Festival will be held from September 8 to 11, 2022, in the city of Santiago de Compostela, in different venues of the city.

No. Out of respect for the artists, speakers, and the rest of the public, entry to the events once they have started is strictly prohibited. Punctuality is requested.

In most venues where the festival will be held, yes. If you require more accessibility information, contact accesibilidad@workonsunday.es

In outdoors activities, as long as it is allowed, you can access the concert venue with food and drink, always taking into account festival indications.

In relation to drinks, you can only enter with water and as long as it is in a soft and sealed plastic bottle, and with a capacity not exceeding 0.5L. The cover will be removed when entering the venue and will be deposited in the bins provided for this purpose. It is not allowed to introduce bottles or reusable bottles made of steel, glass or rigid plastic into the enclosure. In case of accessing the enclosure with bottles of this type, the bottle will be requisitioned by security personnel. Bottles can be recovered when leaving the enclosure.

In relation to food, access is only allowed with food for individual consumption. We appreciate the use of reusable soft plastic containers or, failing that, cloth, paper, aluminum foil, plastic film or the like. Access to food in containers other than those indicated will not be allowed. In case of accessing the enclosure with containers that are not allowed, these will be requisitioned by security personnel and may be recovered when leaving the enclosure.

For aluminum, plastic film or other similar packaging, litter bins will be available on the premises for selective collection. If you have questions about how to dispose of this waste, ask the festival staff.

No. Smoking is not permitted inside the outdoor concert halls. To smoke you will have to leave the premises and we will have ashtrays available that you can use.

In the following weeks more information in relation to the schedules of this edition will be given.

Ticket for wristband exchange

To access the program that requires a wristband, you must exchange your ticket for it at the ticket offices enabled for it. In the coming weeks we will provide you with more information about the exchange points of the ticket for a wristband.