Countdown to WOS Festival x SON Estrella Galicia: Lite Edition, which will take place from September 10 to 12 in different spaces in Santiago de Compostela

The countdown begins for the V edition of WOS Festival x SON Estrella Galicia, to be held between September 10 and 12 in different locations in the city of Santiago de Compostela. Under the Lite Edition tag, this edition presents a reduced-format but without losing its magic and essence, including surprises such as its first setting in a natural environment.

The festival aims to be a meeting point for avant-garde music and arts in all its aspects. In this Lite Edition, the musical lineup presents a wide range of ambient and minimalist projects; ideal for listening and experience in a more intimate and seated format.

The list of special live shows and premieres already announced include the North Americans Eartheater, who will present within the framework of the festival and for the first time in Europe her last two published albums, or Elori Saxl, who will also present in Spain her acclaimed first album The Blue of Distance. The audiovisual concert Aralkum by the Kazakh artist Galya Bisengalieva, and Blink a Few Times to Clear Your Eyes by the Dutch-Italian Berlin-based artist Grand River, will also be presented in Spain. Both will take place in the outstanding setting of the University Church of Santiago de Compostela, place where the concert of Kenyan musician and producer KMRU will also be able witnessed. The unique concert that the French Jonathan Fitoussi will give at the Teatro Principal helps to form a list with some of the new talents of contemporary creation.

The core musical lineup also features the presence of veteran artists, such as the long-awaited concert by the Ukrainian pianist Lubomyr Melnyk, who at 72 is finally returning to Spain to participate in the festival; and the experienced modular synthesizer duo Driftmachine, latest addition to the lineup who will give a concert in the Tunnel of the Cidade da Cultura.

Debate and thoughts about revolutionary futures

For the last five years, the WOS Talks have been one of the functional components of the festival. They are a space created for debate, reflection and critical thinking around the different agents of music and culture industry on, and how the present will affect the future and/or the social impact that it will have in terms of technology applied to art.

At this moment, many revolutions are taking place in the world. The Internet of Things, Web 3.0, promises autonomy and decentralization. And because of this, we must find out what is utopian and what is real. In 3.0: Zoom in we seek to know what is going to happen to culture and its distribution from different points of view, but also by observing its eminently global dimensions. This section is composed of three symposia linked as if they were a continuum.

Artists 3.0 will focus on how the advent of Web 3.0 will directly affect creators and to what extent creativity will be present on the Internet of Things. In short, to try to portray the artist of the future, to identify the challenges that they will have to face and what elements will characterize them. BFlecha, one of the sensations of current Galician electronic music; the DJ and booker Arnau Sabaté and the drag artist Gad Yola will be the participants.

The second panel, Culture 3.0, tries to look beyond the individual to look at what they produce and consume. The guests will analyze how the Blockchain introduces a new variant that was unknown until now: scarcity. This inevitably leads to exclusivity, which will have irreversible consequences on cultural transmission. Visual artist Nano 4814 from Vigo, legal expert Alex Trías and Micaela Ruiz, co-founder of DoinGud, an ecosystem of NFTs that connects creators with social impact, will participate.

To close the program, Metaversos 3.0 will explore future scenarios of digital coexistence. Many of the new technologies that are transforming the world threaten the planet. The changes of thought that they promote seem to envision a liquid future, and elements of great importance today will lose value. The researcher Gema FB Martin, the collective Ontologías Feministas and the multimedia artist Xeito Fole will try to delve into the ethical, social and environmental complications, as well as the utopias posed by web 3.0.

This event will be the opening of this 5th edition of the festival. On Friday the 10th from 4:00 p.m. it will be held in person at the Cidade da Cultura, although it can also be followed by streaming on the festival’s YouTube channel or later on demand. All panels will be moderated by Cora Novoa and Frankie Pizá. Tickets are free and can be obtained through the festival website ( or Cidade da Cultura website (

The importance of urban ecology

The festival adds this year a set of free activities which take place in natural settings of high heritage value. It is called WOS Goes Green and aims to focus on the concept of cohabitation and to generate thought on the importance of urban ecology

In collaboration with the Natural History Museum, this new programming will include a bioacoustic walk along the Sarela River, with the participation of Cristina Fuentes, a biologist specialized in environmental education and heritage, and Carlos Suárez, sound artist, ethnomusicologist, instrument designer and composer of soundscapes.

Also in this attempt to reflect on the search for sustainable cities that allow improving residents’ lives and biodiversity, the festival wants to highlight the club scene, which has been stopped for a year and a half due to the situation caused by the pandemic, and for this it incorporates dj sets from Bflecha, Toccororo, Fatfish and Arnau Sabaté to the programming. These sets will take place in outdoor areas of the City of Culture and the Bonaval Park, of free admission and open to the public in the city, taking place in parallel with the festival’s regular programming.