Yugen Kala



Behind the name of Yugen Kala are Nico and Héctor Iglesias, two kids from Vigo who were raised crawling over the recording studio owned by their father, a sound engineer, music producer and venue owner. Having grown up among mixers, synthesizers and other analog paraphernalia, they soon discovered their enormous passion for music. Recently, their concerns have not only focused on their own creation, and they have become the promoters of the avant-garde art cycle Flux, in Vigo.

Regular as avid listeners and spectators at festivals such as Sónar, MIRA, WOS, Semibreve or Sinsal, they have been able to create their own unconventional sound. On Nothing Is Original, their first LP, released in 2020, the most cerebral electronica converges with the most avant-garde sounds of the dance floor.

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