Sofie Birch



With one of the most optimistic sounds in current ambient music, Sofie Birch is a multidisciplinary artist who has worked on the composition of soundtracks for animation, physical installations and virtual reality projects. She is also a resident conductor for the global radio platform NTS, with a monthly program since June 2021.

Sofie Birch’s work shows as a pattern the artist’s interest in the healing nature of music. In her latest work, after taking inspiration from different meditative processes, she once again shows this common point. Holotropica (Intercourse, 2022), which she will present for the first time in Spain at WOS Festival 2022, is a serene and calm album, perfect for both the hottest days, feeling like a breath of fresh air inside us; as for the coldest days, keeping us warm with a loving hug. Saxophonist and composer Nana Pi, a collaborator on the album and one of the best-known names in the experimental jazz scene, will accompany her on her live show, in which she is always open to improvisation.

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