3.0 Zoom in: Metaverses 3.0


As we go into the different metaverses and digital universes… will we stop wanting to change the real world? The new technologies that build the next artistic and cultural revolutions directly affect the sustainability of our planet and energy consumption, generating doubts and problems. And the changes of thought that they promote promise us a liquid and fluid future where identity, gender and ideology will no longer make little sense.

In this open talk we will try to delve together with the researcher Gema FB Martin, the Feminist Ontologies collective and the multimedia artist Xeito Fole in the complications, both ethical, social and environmental, and new utopias that will host web 3.0 and synthetic realities.

Participate: Gema FB Martin, Xeito Fole and Ontologías Feministas
Moderate: Cora Novoa and Frankie Pizá

18:00 CDC – Auditorio CINC