Lubomyr Melnyk


Lubomyr Melnyk is an Ukrainian pianist and composer. He is known for his continuous contributions to music, with a piano technique based on playing extremely fast while holding the pedal to create echoes and reverbs. With this, musical notes are transformed into hypnotic cascades of sound.

Melnyk discovered this way of playing in Paris in the 1970s, when he was teaching dance for a company led by experimental choreographer Carolyn Carlson. There, he began to play more spontaneous music, breaking with the classical conventions of the instrument.

Among his influences, the American composer Terry Riley stands out. But minimalist pioneers such as Steve Reich and Phillip Glass, or even Indian music, can also be clearly seen. For Melnyk, playing the paino is almost spiritual: “My fingers feel like the winds of the world, as if I’m physically transcending dimensions”, he explains.

21:30 Teatro Principal