The current situation has exposed endemic issues that have affected the arts and culture for decades: the lack of independency in the world of platform capitalism and the enslavement of content, intellectual property and audience indicators. An interdependent music industry is possible? Can we imagine an environment of mutual cooperation and transparency that leads us to reach new paradigms of remuneration in the industry? In this talk we will explore the future present in terms of organization and management of cultural and artistic assets: new protocols, new models based on new digital technologies and realities that today concern the music industry much more. Is streaming a viable substitute for an artist? How will the current situation change our experience of a live performance? Do we glimpse new realities in the self-capitalization of content by artists outside of the old record labels?


María Baqueiro manages Sustainability for SINSAL SON Estrella Galicia Festival, a point in her professional career she has reached combining her two main facets: mining engineering and artistry. As an Engineer, she has advised and collaborates with different companies in the industrial and service sectors, specializing herself in the fields of energy, water management, waste management or circular economy, among others. She has participated in various R + D + i projects in the field of efficiency and currently teaches as associate professor at the Schools of Industrial Engineering and Mining Engineering of the University of Vigo.

Cora Novoa s music composer, Dj and Creative director/Founder of SEEKING THE VELVET(an independent record label of electronic and experimental-pop music, which works by expanding his artistic vision covering areas such as: Art, Music or Design). She has been around in the music industry for more than 10 years, in three different areas: technical, commercial and creative. Since 6 years ago she is focused on her artistic career and combines it with her other professional facets: AbletonOfficial Trainer, musical content curator, doing masterclassesor as a collaborator in the radioshow El Laberinto in the spanish public radio Radio3.

Sarah Rasines is a sound artist who has combined artistic creation with academic research in different centers and cultural management in her native town, Burgos. In 2018, Rasines created Crystal Mine label to promote the exchange of music under the philosophy of #anticopyright. This independent label wants to release music on cassette, mainly; reinforcing those fresh and risky projects based on experimentation. In 2019 she starts Crystal Mine Radio for Radio Relativa, a bimonthly show in which the latest trends and the interests of the label are explored through different formats.

Arnau Sabaté: with a self-taught vocation and initially inspired by the DIY philosophy, Arnau Sabaté has been evolving and passing through different stages and positions in the music industry. From independent developer to expert and brand consultant. He currently combines his position as booker for Primavera Sound festival with his role of marketing consultant for Discogs Spain and Sync Manager for the Guerssen catalog. In parallel, he has two radio projects, Radio Flea (RPS) and Onda Clamato, his monthly program on Dublab.es, thanks to which he satisfies his love for music with the romantic vocation of sharing knowledge around records.


Marta Gómez and Frankie Pizá

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