FUTURO_PRESENTE: Redefining our communities

At this moment, the much-used “nostalgia club” is gaining in importance: what before COVID-19 was a device to distort reality, has now become reality itself. How are we going to organize ourselves in the future? And therefore, How will we live the club experience based on these organizations and communities? And not only that: How will the new musical scenes take shape in the physical and digital world? In this talk we want to analyze the present future of the collectives at a global, physical and virtual level, in order to realize how our communities will be designed. Online culture wars that use memetics as digital warfare, decentralized collectives that set their home in videogame realities, private groups in apps like Discord that act as modern think tanks. We are going to notice how our way of organising ourselves is redesigning the future in these precise moments.


Silvia Bianchi: Graduated in Semiotics, Silvia has dedicated herself to creative and communication of her own and commissioned projects related to art, music and design since 2006. In recent years she has worked advising leading artists on the national scene such as Gata Cattana, C. Tangana, La Zowi o Delaporte and currently collaborates with Sticky MA and Flaca. She teaches at the schools of Industrial, Visual and Fashion Design of the _Istituto Europeo di Design_ in Madrid and is the co-creator of the BAM BAM project at La Casa Encendida, a platform for the training and promotion of young emerging artists. She is co-founder of Sangre agency.

Alex Nikolov is fouder of Loom Festival, an independent interdisciplinary art project, which combines performing arts, audiovisual installations, musical acts, technology, digital art and educational conferences in an interactive circuit, which places artistic works and the public on the same level. Each Loom Festival edition focuses its artistic curatorship on a specific theme, creating spaces for critical thinking about current affairs. He is currently working for Primavera Sound and leads the programming and creative direction of Primavera Sound’s venue Abaixadors10.

¥€$Si Perse is a fictional suit, a hyperstitial interface that allows its users to enter alternative narratives. It acts as an escape point from reality and as a form of communication with it. The current work of ¥€$Si Perse revolves around the mutation of the institutional artistic performance with memetic variations that come from popular formalizations such as party contexts (using the DJ Set as format), Cosplay / Larp -live action role-playing- and Online Communities. In addition, they are founders of NeuroDungeon together with Kaverna and Bartolomé, whose first actions have been the virtual raves NeuroXcape (Club Cooee) and Nu: cenosis (IMVU).

Paula Pin is a researcher and artist activist which has a strong inclination towards research and experimentation processes with collective and free technologies. Her work emerges from within a scientific tradition of research and experimentation, running throughout drawing to abstract video, circuit bending and lab experiments but always located in the intersection where biology, science and queer art collide. Biotranslab is her last project, a Mobile Lab that is used for autonomous gynecology practices and investigation with open source devices.


Marta Gómez and Frankie Pizá

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