In more than 10 years of career, Eartheater found time to do many things, even becoming one of the most outstanding figures of the American underground pop scene. She also spent a few weeks in a musical residence in Zaragoza to create her fourth album Phoenix: Flames are Dew Upon My Skin, which is complemented with the recent Phoenix: La Petite Mort.

In this project, the voice of Eartheater forms ethereal landscapes in an environment where avant-garde music is mixed with acoustic instruments that share space with electronic textures. As usual, the artist transfers herself to a live enviroment emotional and powerful as a whole.

The phoenix is a symbol of rebirth after complicated stages or convulsive contexts. The second part of the project, La Petite Mort, is a more dreamy and climatic reinterpretation of the above giving it a new life with a different way of observing.