3.0 Zoom in: Culture 3.0


The financial market and late capitalism still have an ace up their sleeve: fagotize the way we create and consume culture through the infiltration of its methods and laws. Can all that we consider culture become a “stock market” like contemporary art, Discogs, or exclusive sneaker resale markets?

The Internet of Things introduces scarcity in our digital reality and therefore exclusivity, having the ability to convert all transportable assets through Blockchain into a “trading card”.

In this open conversation will participate the visual artist from Vigo Nano 4814, the legal expert Alex Trías and Micaela Ruiz, co-founder of DoinGud, an ecosystem of NFTs that connects creators with social impact. With them we will discuss the possible future of cultural transmission, focusing on projects such as Moments, Vaults by CNN, Valuables, etc.

Participate: Nano 4814, Alex Trias and Micaela Ruiz
Moderate: Cora Novoa and Frankie Pizá

17:00 CDC – Auditorio CINC