3.0 Zoom in: Artists 3.0


The so-called “creative economy” is the order of the day, and the feeling of self-reliance is increasingly ingrained in creators nowadays. Even so, there are transversal and still unanswered questions given the arrival of web 3.0: How present will creativity be in the next Internet of Things? Will every creator be able to capitalize on his activity and subsist solely on his creations? What possibilities do DAO and /or DO provide? How do NFTs influence the possible future of artists? Does the increasing immersion in metaverses and gaming have to do with our fusion with synthetic realities?

In short: what will the next artist, the artis 3.0, be like? In this open talk we will focus on projects such as HumanIPO, Bluebox or the concept of “digital nations” through governance tokens. Our guests will be B-Flecha, one of the sensations of current Galician electronics; DJ and music manager Arnau Sabaté and drag artist Gad Yola.

Participate: Arnau Sabaté, Gad Yola and B-Flecha
Moderate: Cora Novoa and Frankie Pizá

16:00 CDC – Auditorio CINC