After the great reset

90 min

AFTER THE GREAT RESET: The creative industry facing an impending global recession and digital subordination. After the “great reset” caused by the pandemic and the implicit collective shock, society as we know it is approaching a recession: degraded and ultra-mutable values, extreme polarization, ideological and resource crisis, generational gaps, integration of artificial intelligence in the creative field and a shared problem that, after 60 years of invisibility, knocks on our door. Climate change and the scarcity of resources are a reality that resoundingly collides with the neoliberal and capitalist approach on which we build on a daily basis: while the economic system understands that we will continue to grow indefinitely, the state of our planet says otherwise.

In this colloquium, artists and professionals from the cultural, musical and technological industries will openly discuss a future full of dichotomies and uncertainties in a scenario close to dystopian. Ethical and moral issues that club proposals must face, the impossibility of escaping the past (the slow cancellation of the future in terms of creativity), the new forms of social, cultural and ecological responsibility that any artist must address, and even possible biases that we will soon share with the expansion of artificial intelligence and the paradigm of the metaverse.

Alex Nikolov
Andrea Lamount
Karne Kulture
Patricia M. Val
Yugen Kala

Frankie Pizá

Other artists