1. According with the current organization, tickets are seen as negotiable instruments in a legal vision.
  2. Once a ticket has been purchased, it will not be exchanged nor will its amount be refunded, except in cases of cancellation or festival date changes.
  3. Tickets can only be purchased at Festival authorized sale points, not being responsible for tickets that have not been purchased at official points of sale. In this edition, the online sale points are ATAQUILLA (https://ataquilla.com) and NUMAX (https://NUMAX.org/). In both cases, apart from the conditions expressed here, the rules of said platforms must be respected.
    1. There are different types of tickets for the Festival on the Ataquilla platform: I. 10.09.21 Ticket, which grants the right to enter the live concerts held on Friday; II. 11.09.21 Ticket, which grants the right to enter the live concerts held on Saturday; III. 12.09.21 Ticket, which grants the right to enter the live concerts held on Sunday; IV. Weekend Ticket, which grants the right to enter the concerts held from Friday to Sunday; V. 3.0 Zoom In Invitation, which grants the right to enter the colloquia held at the Cidade da Cultura.
  4. Organization may deny access to the festival venues to the ticket holder in case of detecting anomalies. In case of detection of any fraudulent use of the printing tools, they will be prosecuted in accordance with the current legislation, including criminal liability. Admission is subject to having the ticket in adequate conditions.
  5. The change of ticket for a bracelet will be made only at official exchange points authorized by the Organization. In this edition, the exchange point corresponds to the Teatro Principal of Santiago de Compostela. A bracelet exchange point is also enabled on Friday, in the Xardín Literario of the Cidade da Cultura.


  1. The Organization, as entity in charge of holding the festival, may alter its program or modify it when necessary for its proper celebration. The conditions for this will always be in accordance with the following general conditions, and always interpreted in accordance with current legislation. The Organization will make every effort to adjust the schedules and carry out the announced program.
  2. In case of complete cancellation, the Organization will focus its efforts on establishing new dates for the event.
  3. In case that the refund of the ticket payment is appropriate, it would be made through the official means by which it was acquired.
  4. Total or partial cancellation due to force majeure and/or outside festival choice will not give rise to a refund of the amount of the ticket input.


  1. Admission rights will be used by the Organization as an instrument to prevent violence and alterations in the normal development of the festival, as well as to prevent any other situations that poses a real and serious danger to the attendees of the event.
  2. In any case, the right of admission will follow the capacity limitations imposed by the authorities at the time of the festival due to the pandemic situation.


  1. Photos of artists, musicians and guests are only allowed for private and personal use, and cannot be used for profit. The capture, filming or recording of images or sounds for any profitable purpose without the express and prior written authorization of the Organization is strictly prohibited.
  2. The public attending this festival consents to its appearance in images taken by any means for its subsequent promotional and/or commercial diffusion.


  1. The Organization may take the legal measures, both civil and criminal, that it deems appropriate against those responsible for any attempt to swindle, raid or damage of any other nature against the Organization.


  1. Please, respect the environment and the facilities where the festival is held, urging attendees to use all kinds of garbage containers that are provided for this. Damage, inappropriate use and alteration of the facilities where the event is held, whether consciously or unconsciously, is strictly prohibited.


  1. Minors who are 15 years old can access the festival by paying the corresponding ticket fee and must be accompanied by their parents or a legal guardian. Minors between 16 and 18 years old, having paid their ticket fee, will be able to access the venues under the same conditions as adults without the need to be accompanied. However, some festival areas may have their own minors policy.
  2. During the stay on the festival, the parents or legal guardians will be responsible for any action that the minor takes. For this to be possible, it is necessary to present the following documentation at the venue entrance: ID, family book, passport of both or legal document that proves the parental relationship or responsibility for the minor. The parent or legal guardian must sign a discharge document by which he/she/they are responsible for the minor while he/she/they are inside the venues. At all times, both parents or legal guardians and the minor must carry their ID or passport in case it is required by the organization staff to prove their identity. Both the attendance authorization and the discharge document can be collected and completed at the entrance of the venue or requested in advance by writing an email to festival@workonsunday.es.
  3. The Organization informs that current legislation expressly prohibits the sale of alcohol to minors under 18 years of age, for which the minor must have their ID at all times.
  4. Failure to comply with the above requirements will be grounds for expulsion from the venue and will not give the right to any refund of the price paid for the entry of the minor.
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