Crises force us to rethink what we consider important and what our priorities are and to review whether we were living our life according to how we want to live it. They force us to put into perspective the things that occupied our mind and worried us, and to confront the individual and the particular with the collective and global. Although they are painful and can be traumatic, we share the idea that they can contain a beneficial reverse and bring change and transformation.

The emergence of Covid-19 has caused an earthquake like we had never experienced at all levels: social, economic, individual, collective. In the cultural field its repercussion is still unknown, and we witness every day a hum of a swarm of minds that strive to analyze, predict, seek creative answers and try to take the reins of what is to come.

For a project like WOS Festival, made from care, sacrifice and with responsibility as a lighthouse, certainties emerge from the personal. We knew that the strength of WOS resides in being governed by values ​​that go beyond commercial interests. For us, the physical closeness, the communion between artists and assistants, and the integration of all these people in the urban fabric, is one of the fundamental pillars of the event. The experience includes strolling the streets, physically feeling Santiago de Compostela, tasting its gastronomy, and getting immersed in proposals that often invite us to reflect or to enjoy ourselves responsibly; a way of living leisure in which the subject recovers its condition as a real subject. Under these premises, guaranteeing the well-being of artists, assistants and workers of what was ment to be the seventh edition of WOS between 9 and 13 of next September, seems unfeasible today, and offering a reduced version of that experience would be selling a diluted, distorted by-product, far below that sincere and carefully crafted proposal that is the main asset that WOS has to offer.

The seventh edition of WOS Festival x SON Estrella Galicia, scheduled for September 2020, will not take place this year. In the current context, we do not consider it appropriate to book nor announce artists, but we believe that we must center the project’s focus on its role as a forum for discourse and thought, and put on the table the question of how what we are experiencing has changed and it will change our lives. Soon we will announce the date of the only program area to be held this year, the area of ​​thought and discourse, which will also be streamed online.

At WORK ON SUNDAY we have always believed in people and companies as transforming axes of society. Now more than ever we feel the need to actively commit ourselves to our responsibility to improve our environment and quality of life, as well as that of future generations, driving positive change through sustainable thinking and action. For this reason, we would like to invite you to support, with the amount you consider, some of the initiatives dedicated to protecting the environment and biodiversity, one globally and the other locally, with which we collaborate: Plant for the Planet and 100×100 Natural of the Galician Association of Territory Custody.

Take care and be responsible. See you in September!

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