The lineup for the core program of music and visual and technological arts of this edition includes names such as Holly Herndon, Drew McDowall, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Plaid or Gazelle Twin, among others. All the time schedules are now available at the festival website.

The program of discussion panels and meetings with artists is also revealed, proposing six tables that seek to complement the music lineup.


CHAGO (ES) / Galician born artist Iago Pedreira is a countercultural agitator in continuous search for new stimuli. His nonconformity has led him to explore the most remote margins of music by betting on difficult-to-categorize sounds, fleeing from clichés and consistently displaying an attitude of rejection towards the pre-established. Pedreira is also one of the architects behind Codex Club, a two-headed monster that draws on local and international artists that roam between risk and experimentation, away from fashion trends and ankyled circuits. Chago proposes in his hybrid live / djset an approach alien to any canon.

HOLLY HERNDON: PROTO (USA) / Holly Herndon is considered one of the most interesting multidisciplinary artists of the decade, recognized for exploring the limits of electronic and avant-garde pop. She has just published ‘PROTO’ (May 2019, 4AD), an album that has also been conceived as a show. Created hand in hand with her own AI “baby”, Spawn, ‘PROTO’ tests the boundaries between human creativity and artificial intelligence. For the project, Herndon gathered a team of machine learning experts, singers, choreographers, visual artists, code developers and a non-human intelligence to create a work that expands over live vocal processing and timeless folk songs. The show includes unprecedented AI processes specifically developed for sound generation, vocal processing and visual manipulation.

KALI MALONE (USA/SW) / Based in Stockholm, Kali Malone is an American composer and musician who, through analog and digital synthesis, explores the interaction within electroacoustic instrumentation within compositional frameworks with unique tunings and psychoacoustic phenomena: woodwind instruments along with a Buchla 200 synthesizer, string quartets with sine waves or a tube organ with microphones. Malone’s work has been presented in Berlin Atonal, Moogfest or Cafe Oto. She has collaborated regularly with Caterina Barbieri or Ellen Arkbro, and she participates in the noise project Sorrowing Christ. She has just published ‘The Sacrificial Code’ (June 2019) in iDEAL.

KONX-OM-PAX (UK/GER) / Tom Scholefield is known as the famous cover and video designer for experimental and electronic music artists such as Oneohtrix Point Never, Hudson Mohawke or Kuedo. But meanwhile, Scholefield has been building himself a name in the Glasgow scene. As a producer he has published three LPs, the last of which, “Ways of Seeing” (2019), has been described as a “reinvention of the origins of Berlin techno”. His multidimensional version of the artistic expression merges into a visual world that is both emotional and futuristic.

LOSCIL (CAN) / Scott Morgan is a composer, sound designer and multimedia artist living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Morgan’s dual background in Vancouver’s independent music scene and academic composition studies at Simon Fraser University culminated in the creation of his project Loscil in the late 1990’s. With Loscil, Morgan explores the marriage of electronic and acoustic instrumentation to create “…stark landscapes that are evocative, earthly, anything but abstract, and so much more than merely ‘ambient’.” (The Quietus). Morgan has predominantly released music through Portland’s Kranky label including his just released twelfth full length, 2019’s “Equivalents”. He has composed for film, dance and video games and has toured his music worldwide including at esteemed festivals such as Mutek, Le Guess Who, TodaysArt, Soy, Decibel and Big Ears.


The program of talks, sponsored by Fest Galicia, offers this year six meetings with artists and discussion tables, which, as every year, will be free entry.

WORK IN PROGRESS: THE FUTURE OF MUSICAL FESTIVALS / The festival format has established itself as the great musical event, capable of concentrating ideas, concepts and all kinds of audiences. They are conceived as mass meetings not only focused on hedonistic enjoyment or consumption, but also must convey a personality, a message. Where is the format heading? Our guests will reflect on the general idea and its consequences. A proactive dialogue about the future of festivals and their possible growth paths.

MEETING WITH RENICK BELL / “Algoraves” have been for years the expression of a cultural and artistic movement built on live-coding and the interaction between the public and machine-learning. Renick Bell, programmer, teacher and musician based in Tokyo, has more than a decade of a research in which electronic music and artificial intelligence talk to each other, leading him to stand out as one of the movement’s great names. Bell will show us the insides of his set up, give an introduction to his way of thinking and present the fundamental tools he uses in his work.

MEETING WITH DREW MCDOWALL / Drew McDowall’s career speaks of attitude, methodology and a unique commitment to experimentation. His time on Psychic TV, his deep friendship with Genesis P-Orridge, Coil and his recent years in New York are some of the milestones he will discuss with the journalist and writer César Estabiel. To talk with Drew is to do it with an important section of the development of the musical avant-garde in Europe from the assimilation of punk codes.

FOLK UTOPIAS: THE VALIDITY OF TRADITION AND MUSICAL ROOTS IN THE TIMES OF DECENTRALIZATION / In times when cultural identity is diluted and any localized artistic outbreak is susceptible to being engulfed by marketing, we see how in some areas of the globe folklore is still respected as a musical base. Would a new language made with instruments from each region be possible or are we facing a utopia?

CLUBBING POLICIES: INCLUSIVITY, NOMAD CLUBS AND CONFRONTATION OF THE NEW ELITISM / A debate on how our image of “club” or “club space” is changing internationally with the emergence of entities such as JANUS, GHE20G0TH1K, etc: nomadic parties where the dance is conceived in another way equally liberating, yet renewed. 100% inclusive parties that struggle not to appear elitist but however generate their own spheres in the same way, without focusing on a single musical style as a reference.

DIGGIN ‘OUR OWN CRATE: CULTURAL APPROPRIATIONISM, ETHICS OF SAMPLING AND RESPONSIBLE COLLECTING / Collecting and crate diggin’ has been transformed in the last decade with the arrival of digital factors: the Discogs market or online sales have turned vinyl into a scenario formed by small niches that share fetishism over the omnipresence of streaming services. The reification of vinyl and musical works has created a bubble of elite selectors and record stores that grows outside the reality of infinite mp3 libraries. But what ethical considerations can affect this practice? Is there a diggin ’morally sustainable and coherent?


Presented previously, the WOS CINEMA X NUMAX program, with the sponsorship of Gadis, presents three documentaries about sound art and music exploration. The festival’s cinema program will include the celebrated ‘RYUICHI SAKAMOTO: CODA’, the premiere in Spain of the first chapter about John Zorn by the filmmaker Mathieu Amalric, ‘ZORN I (2010-2017)’, and the Galician ‘7 LIMBOS’, presented by its directors Alexanre Cancelo and Berio Molina and one of its protagonists, Miguel Prado. The screenings require an independent ticket that may be purchased at the NUMAX website, and they are open to the general public.

The WOS SHOWCASE X JÄGERMUSIC program, on its side, presents a selection of five Galician artists featured by their exploratory, contemporary and avant-garde musical production: Xoan Xil under the name XISELR, the Brussels-based CLARA!, the Galician-British duo HARRGA, the cellist MARGARIDA MARIÑO and the dj CHAGO.

The WOS CLUBBING program brings together four great names in electronics: KODE9, founder and director of Hyperdub, BILL KOULIGAS, founder and director of PAN, KONX-OM-PAX, and the supercombo formed by ELENA COLOMBI B2B OLIVIA, for the second time together after their acclaimed session at Unsound festival 2018.

With the closure of the lineup and its parallel programs, the final countdown begins for the sixth edition of the annual meeting of the Galician agency WORK ON SUNDAY. This year it will take place between Wednesday 11th and Sunday 15th September, again with the support of SON ESTRELLA GALICIA linking its name to the festival as the main sponsor. Weekend tickets (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and Premium (access to the five days of the festival) can still be purchased in advance at wosfestival.es and at the Resident Advisor website. Day tickets are also on now sale at the festival website.

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