With this announcement, the lineup rises to 24 confirmed artists in the main music, visual and technological arts program of this edition, which includes names such as Drew McDowall, Rafael Anton Irisarri, Plaid, Gazelle Twin or Lafawndah, among others. The complete list of artists can be cheched at the festival website.

AMNESIA SCANNER (FIN / GER) / Amnesia Scanner is a musical duo, performance group, experience design studio and producer whose focus is based on a unique perspective on technology and the way in which it mediates contemporary experience. System vulnerabilities, information overload and sensory excess inform their work, which has found a home in both clubs and galleries. Their dance floor tactics and an abrasive collection of cryptorave tools are mixed for the first time on their new album ‘Another Life’ (September 2018) with pop structures sculpted by avantgarde production. They will be at WOS presenting the audiovisual show entitled ‘AS Oracle Live Show’. LIVE A/V

BILL KOULIGAS (GR / GER) / Bill Kouligas is well known as the founder, curator and artistic director of the multidisciplinary platform and record label PAN, home of artists such as Pan Daijing, Lee Gamble, MESH, Objekt, Puce Mary, Errorsmith, Visionist or Yves Tumor among many others. Under several aliases, in the last fifteen years Kouligas has produced, composed and published his own music and performed in places such as the ICA of London, MoMA PS1 or V&A Museum, as well as at festivals and institutions such as Berghain, Mutek, Unsound, Transmediale or CTM. The vision that he embeds in all his projects shows his ability to push the boundaries of musical genres to unknown territories.

BLANCK MASS (UK) / Benjamin John Power (half of Fuck Buttons) has been making music under the name of Blanck Mass since 2010. In 2012 a theme from his debut album was chosen as a soundtrack for the opening ceremony of the London Olympics. After crafting two other albums, Power prepares now the release of his fourth LP as Blanck Mass, ‘Animated Violence Mild’, the third that he publishes in Sacred Bones, which will be released on August 16th, and from which 3 tracks have already been released as a teaser. He will be in WOS accompanied by the live visual works by Dan Tombs. LIVE A/V

CLARA! (ES) / Part of the Brussels-based prankster collective PRR! PRR!, Clara! crafts mixes that incorporate music from different cultural backgrounds, with curiosity, humor and a resounding love for dancing as a guide. Mixing rhythms expanding from the 90s to the present, full of rough percussions and hooks wrapped in parodies and very personal editions, in her first solo EP, “Clara! and Maoupa – Meneo”(Gravats, 2018) Clara! sings with anger, sarcasm and seduction over her own reggaeton rhythms.

KODE9 (UK) / Steve Goodman founded in 2004 the label Hyperdub, famous for hosting artists such as Burial, Laurel Halo, Lee Gamble or Dean Blunt among many others. As a DJ, Kode9 vibrates things that other DJs can only dream about. His first sessions and radio shows helped to spread the South London sound internationally in the 2000s, and his sets today weave unpredictable mixes with heavy bass that drink musically from far away fields.

MARGARIDA MARIÑO (ES) / Graduated from the Liceo Conservatory in Barcelona, the exploration of the limits of the cello’s sound and aesthetic has led Mariño to experiment with genres where her instrument is not so common. Her solo project presents an original repertoire for cello, effects and loops with which she manages to create unique textures and complex orchestrations that give rise to a very personal style in which such seemingly divergent genres such as postrock, triphop or classical music vibrate with one voice.


Sponsored by Gadis, WOS presents a Cinema program with three films that tackle sound art and music exploration. The screenings will require an independent ticket available through NUMAX website, and are open to the general public (a festival ticket is not needed). People with Premium Pass will enjoy a special discount.

“7 LIMBOS” (2019, Alexandre Cancelo and Berio Molina) /Seven masked groups travel through different landscapes. With their movements they hit the ground of the cities and make their structures vibrate, modifying the sound landscape that their inhabitants listen to. They silently contemplate the collapse of the ruins while attending the death of the utopian legacy of their creators, revealing the voices that were separated from the language, the noises that were removed from the objects. ‘7 Limbos’ is a sound journey through the glazes of the spectral.

“RYUICHI SAKAMOTO: CODA” (2017, Stephen Nomura) / Among the inspirations reflected by “Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda” are Bach’s organ choral compositions, Andrei Tarkovsky’s films and photographs, the words of Paul Bowles and J. Robert Oppenheimer, and sounds of nature collected in such distant places like an Arctic Circle glacier or Lake Turkana, Kenya. Made over a period of five years during which the Japanese composer was diagnosed and treated for throat cancer, the film presents an affectionate and thoughtful portrait that is rarely personal and yet radiates sincerity.

“ZORN I (2010-2017)” (2017, Mathieu Amalric) / In eternal process. This could describe the work of the actor and director Mathieu Amalric with the legendary musician from Queens (NYC) John Zorn. In 2009, the European tv station Arte proposed Amalric to film a portrait about Zorn. Soon both artists realized that such a commission “would be like locking a wild animal in a zoo” (in the words of Amalric himself), but the desire to film remained. Thus, for eight years, Amalric and Zorn have been recording each one of their meetings, in an absolutely free way, in a musical universe always in process; without end. SPANISH PREMIERE

With these new names and titles the countdown continues for the annual meeting of the agency WORK ON SUNDAY, to be held between Wednesday 11 and Sunday 15 September, with the support of SON ESTRELLA GALICIA linking its name to the festival as a sponsor principal. The organization will close the music lineup with the latest names shortly, as well as the talks program. Weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and Premium (access to the five days of the festival) passes can still be purchased at the ticket shop of this web and from Resident Advisor.

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