Marina Herlop

Marina Herlop

Since her first compositions, Marina Herlop, a classical trained pianist with a delicate dexterity, has dedicated herself to dismantle theories and destroy the limits of her own proposal. In ‘Babasha’ (Aloud, 2018) she added to her peculiar piano compositions layers of brilliant electronics and synthesizers, spun by a unique and luminous voice, more daring and risky than ever. She is currently in the process of finishing her third reference, a clear turn based on the introduction of electronic tools in her composition and production process. However, beyond the gadgets that are used to create her music, what defines Herlop is the need to drag it into the future and find passages and formulas that she finds meaningful to herself. This premise has been what has guided her creative process in her three albums, conferring a coherent solidity to all her work. She will open the sixth edition of WOS Festival x SON Estrella Galicia with an inaugural concert at the University’s Assembly Hall.

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