Elori Saxl

Elori Saxl released her first albumThe Blue of Distance in 2021. Here, she creates a hypnotic game between a brilliant set of chamber music and analog synthesizers. Her work constitutes an investigation into the relationship between feelings and seasonal changes.

The first part ofThe Blue of Distance was made in summer, in a quiet environment full of nature. The second one, during the winter on an icy island in the middle of Lake Superior. Both result in an album with a very powerful narrative and emotion.

Elori Saxl is interested in how technology alters the connection between humans and nature. In addition to her musical work, she’s well known for her facet as a filmmaker, for which she has been nominated for the Emmy Awards twice, among other distinctions.

+María José Pámpano

María José Pámpano has an extensive artistic career, marked by her versatility as performer and her continuous search for new sounds. She’s currently part of the Orquestra Galega de Liberación and leads the Concerto das Donas group, specialized in recovering music of women composers from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

+Margarida Mariño

Margarida Mariño is a violinist and composer, born in Vigo, that has been part of international orchestras such as the Réssonance Orchestra, in Switzerland, or La Via Dei Concerti, in Italy. Her eagerness to explore sound and aesthetic limits led her to experiment with genres where her instrument isn’t so common. In 2020, she introduced Cello&Electronics, where she fused classical cello with effect pedals, voices, loops and electronics.

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