Driftmachine is a Berlin-based band of modular synthesizers formed by Andreas Gerth (Ogonjok, Tied & Tickled Trio) and Florian Zimmer (Fred Is Dead, iso68, Jersey, Lali Puna), two prolific faces of German music who came together in this group of ambient, but where other styles as techno or post-industrial are also reached. In 2014 they released their first album together, Nocturnes.

Their live show is made up of two modular systems, which work in sync. They sound obsessive. Direct. Symmetrical. They create a deep and elegant multilayer sound, based on the fundamentals of modular synthesis, but always able to surprise.

In March 2021 they released their fifth album, Spume & Recollection, where the group is able to stay true to their style, but innovating, with warm and mellow rythms and being able to create excellent compositions.

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